Friday, February 12, 2010

Painting and A Giveaway!!!

Hello Dear Friends!
I just recently finished another painting on Wednesday! I am quite happy with how it came out. My previous painting took me about four months, but this painting took me only four weeks! :)
I got this photograph from a book of Canadian Nature!
Make sure you check below for a link to a wonderful giveaway! :)

My Painting!!! :)
Miss Jasmine Baucham, at Joyfully Home, is having a wonderful giveaway. She is kindly giving away a bundle of the Noble Rose Press paper dolls. That is correct... ALL three sets! :)
I encourage you to head on over to her blog and enter. For more details, click here!

Many Blessings,


Lindsay said...

Oh, how pretty, Jenna!
You're very talented!! :)

~ Blessings,

Rachel M. said...

That's beautiful, Jenna!
Great job!
God's creation is so beautiful. :D

Love and blessings,
Rachel M. from Hopejourney

Bethany said...

what a beautiful painting Jenna!

You are such a talented young lady.


Eden and Sara said...

Wow Jenna, that's a gorgeous painting. And four weeks is a short amount of time to do a beautiful painting like that. How did you make your header? I really like it. ~Blessings, Eden

Shannon said...

What a beautiful painting Jenna, displaying the wonderful handiwork of our Creator!