Friday, February 5, 2010

Blog Award!

Hello Dear Friends!

I would like to thank Miss Lindsay, at Content In Christ, for awarding me with the "Encouraging Blog Award!" You are a very kind and lovely girl, Lindsay! Also, I would like to wish Lindsay a Happy Birthday. Today is her 17th birthday! Yeeeaaaaaaa! :)

Before I award anyone, I would just like to say that all of my readers deserve this award! Your blogs truly bless me! Thank you!

I would like give this award to:

Eden and Sara, at Heirs of Promise

Bethany, at Asher Acres

Jenna, at Feminine Farmgirl

Shannon, at A Bright Light In A Dark World

I hope you are having a lovely Friday! Make sure you check out the blog giveaways in the posts below! :)

Many Blessings,


Bethany said...

Thanks Jenna! That's sweet of you!

Shannon said...

Hi Jenna!
How thoughtfull of you! And your blog is also very encouraging! It is such a blessing!


Eden and Sara said...

Thanks so much for the award Jenna! It was our first one too. Have a blessed week. ~Eden