Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fun At The Beach!

In celebration of my little sister's 4th birthday, we went to the beach! We had a wonderful time, and most importantly, sweet Jessa enjoyed herself!
I brought my camera along with me, and took many pictures while there...

The Lord's creation is so beautiful!

...Holding a conversation! :)

The time of relaxation was so nice!

All in all, Jessa had a wonderful and fun-filled birthday! At the end of the day, she opened a few gifts and enjoyed eating her cake...

... Made by me and my dear mother!
(It was our first time making an eight layer castle cake!)

Thank you all for the sweet comments, wishing my sister a happy birthday! She definitely had a wonderful day!

Oh, how I've been aching for Autumn and it's brilliant splash of color to come! For now, I must be thankful to the Lord for this 90 degree weather! :)

Have a blessed day, filled with the Lord's abundant blessings! Always remember to shine your light for His glory!

Your Sister In Christ,


Eden said...

Beautiful photos, Jenna! Isn't the beach lots of fun?! Looking forward to chatting with you later. :D Blessings!

Grace said...

Lovely photos!!! The cake turned out beautifully!!!
Hope you are having a lovely Sunday, dearest friend! Cannot wait to speak with you to-morrow!!!:)
Love in Christ,

Shannon said...

The beach is always so refreshing! Wonderful pictures Jenna as well; I am also glad that your sweet sister had a lovely birthday.

I am so thankful for the sweet time of fellowship that I had recently with you, and I praise the lord for suc ha sweet sister in Christ~


Sereina said...

The beach is lovely, Jenna! I love all the bird shots you got. I'm glad your sister had a great birthday! The cake is so cute!

Much love,

Eldarwen said...

Oh Jenna, those are some lovely photos! I really love the one of the sea shell. :)

And that cake is adorable! Mmm, looks good too. ;)


Hayhay said...

Such pretty photos! And that cake is just sooo cute! ;)

Luci said...

Oh, I just LOVE all the photos, Jenna! You are such a good photographer. =) Jessa is so cute--and it loks like she had a wonderful birthday! I just love that cake. :)


P.S. (Did you get my letter??)

Emily said...

Jenna, these photos are beautiful! The colors are stunning and I just love the beach.
I'm with you, really excited for Autumn! I was outside for a good majority of the day yesterday and it was blazing hot. I'm ready for those cool breezes and standing in the sun to get warm... mmm! :)

Hope you have a wonderful week dear sister!

Anonymous said...

A lovely photo! "To every thing there is a season..." Ecc. 3:1


ALK said...

I know that this is an older post, but I just love your photography here! Birds are such beautiful examples of God's creation.

~Miss ALK