Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Scripture and More...

Hello Dear Friends!
I would like to open up this post with today's Bible Verse:

"Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever."
~ Psalm 107:1

I hope this verse refreshes your mind and soul!

I would like to continue on and share with you a post from Miss Jasmine Baucham's blog, "Joyfully Home." Today, she wrote about the very popular movie and book, "Twilight." Here is the link to her wonderfully written post:


I encourage you to take some time and read this post. I agree 100% with her thoughts! Miss Jasmine also has a link on her blog to a post written by the Botkin sisters on the same topic. I will share with you the link to this post as well:


I enjoyed reading these two posts very much. The words of Miss Jasmine and the Botkin sisters are very well put!
I will be posting another Bible verse tomorrow. May the Lord bless you today and always, and may His light shine upon you!

Blessings To You And Your Family,

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Lauren Brittany said...

Thanks for the verse, Jenna! It's good to know we serve a merciful God!

I read Jasmine's article this morning as well. Very encouraging... made me glad I was never interested in reading the books or watching the movies :)

I think Jasmine might be going to the S.O.S. conference... maybe we'll get to meet her if she does!

Happy Thanksgiving,