Saturday, May 1, 2010

Redeeming My Space! {Mrs. Smith's Giveaway}

Hello Dear Friends!

I hope you are having a blessed afternoon on this wonderful Sunday.

Mrs. Smith, at Seasons Of Life, hosted a lovely giveaway this past week. As part of her giveaway, she had a challenge. The challenge was to "redeem your space" in an area of your house. My dear mother and I decided to participate in the challenge.

Our upstairs hall closet was the area we worked on. Boy, was it messy!! I am so happy with how it turned out. I feel so blessed to have two hands, which I can clean with!


Here were the rules for the challenge:

1. Document your space... a before and after photo.

2. Write a short post (include your photos) on: a} why you chose this space, b} how this space made you feel before taking the challenge (overwhelmed, discouraged, distracted, etc.), c} your vision for this space and d} how you feel now that it is "redeemed"


First, I will share the before and after photos with you...

This was our hall closet, before we "redeemed" it!

Oh my!

Very unorganized... You couldn't even step into it!


Here are the after photos!

Oh, much better!

So much cleaner!

And... I can stand in the closet.
We also still have some open space for our school curriculum! What a blessing!


My sweet mother also decided to "redeem" our play closet. She worked on it for a while, and it looks so nice! I wasn't able to take any before pictures, but I did get an after picture!

It looks a lot nicer than it did before!
Now, I am going to answer the questions asked by Mrs. Smith...

a} Why did you choose this space?

My mom had been wanting to clean our hall closet for a while. When I told her about the challenge, she thought that it would be a wonderful opportunity to actually do it!


b} How did this space make you feel before taking the challenge?

I was actually motivated! I was excited to complete a project that needed to be done. I was also excited, because I completed the project with my wonderful mother! I always enjoy spending time with her!
c} What was your vision for this space?
My vision for the hall closet was organization and cleanliness. Instead of having items lying around on the shelves, my vision was to have bins to store the items in. That was exactly what we did, and it made a huge difference!
Another vision I had was to find some things that we didn't need anymore, and donate the items to help other families in need. I was so happy to bring full boxes down stairs, full of different items to donate!
We also had many garbage bags, full of unnecessary items, which we threw away.
d} How do you feel now that the space is "redeemed"?

I love the feeling after you have cleaned out an area that's been needing a bit of attention for a while! It felt good to take the time out of my schedule to "redeem" an area with my sweet mother. I am so grateful that I had the chance to do this. It was a wonderful experience for me especially, because as I "redeemed" our space, my mom taught me some helpful hints about cleaning and organizing... Hints that I will need to know once I am a wife and mother!

Thank you, Mrs. Smith, for hosting this wonderful giveaway and challenge. I truly enjoyed participating!
"Let all things be done decently and in order."
~ 1 Corinthians 14:40 ~

It is my prayer that I have succeeded in decently "redeeming" our hall closet!

Have a blessed day!

Your Sister In Christ,


Shannon said...

You did a wonderful job organizing Jenna! Oh, the feeling of accomplishment when you see the fruit your labor... Hope to see you soon!


-Bess- said...

Boy, what a transformation! I really need to clean up (& "redeem"=) my bedroom right now. It has become such a cluttered mess at the moment! Thanks for sharing! You & your mom did an amazing job!
In Christian Love,

Lindsay said...

Oh, WOW... the closets look wonderful! You and your mom did a great job. What a neat challenge! I hope you and your family are having a blessed Sunday, Jenna! :)

~ Love,

Rachel's Blog said...

Wow - how much better the closets look after being organized! I love to organize (when I'm in the mood for it, that is) and our house is constantly in need of it.

Thanks for sharing!

Seasons of Life said...

Great job, Miss Jenna. The closets (the one you organized the the one your Mom organized) both look very orderly. I agree, part of the blessing of organizing is coming across things that you can pass on to others ~ blessing them with the fruit of your labor. I am glad you entered and encouraged by your post (as I am sure it is an encouragement to other moms & daughters to "redeem their space"). Thank you for participating!

Blessings ~

LISA said...

Lovely if they would just stay that way. How is it that they become so messy so quickly? And where do all those things come from anyway? I hope you have a great week and I really like your new banner.

Quinn said...

Your closets look fantastic! More importantly, I'm sure you're satisfied by the job well done as well as being able to find what you need. I love that you chose to use bins to store items, I'm sure that having a specific for everything will help keep it tidy!

Morgan said...

Wow!! What a difference!!

I think I was sighned in on my moms blog account on YOUR most recent post. Sorry!