Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Animal Picture Week: Day Two!

Hello Dear Friends!

It's day two of Animal Picture Week here on my blog! If you didn't read my first "Animal Picture Week" post, you may click here!

I've had a wonderful time so far, even though this is only the second day. I haven't had any other participants, and it is not too late to join me. For more information on participating, you may click here. If you are not able to post on your blog each day, that's perfectly fine. I would love if you'd join me for just one day!

Well, I guess I had better go ahead and post today's photograph!

{A beautiful bee searching for a delicious snack in one of our trees.}
What an ama*zzzz*ing creature made by our majestic King! :)

Below you can add your link if you decide to join me!

May the Lord continue to bless you and your family. Thank you so much for reading my blog... It is truly a blessing to have dear readers like you!

Many Blessings,


Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness... how NEAT!!

Lindsay said...

Hello Jenna!
I just awarded you with the "Prolific Blogger" award. You can find it in my latest post, okay? :)

~ Love,