Saturday, January 9, 2010

SNOW.... IN FLORIDA!!!!!!!!

IT'S SNOWING!!! Wow, I can't believe it's really snowing in Florida! What a blessing from God!
This morning, we were surprised with quite a bit of snow. We got our shoes and jackets on right away, and went outside. Tyler, Jessa, and I made snowballs and had a snowball fight! Hee, Hee. It was really fun! :)

Here are some pictures. Enjoy!

This is a picture of our table outside. As you can see, there is snow
on the table, and on the chairs!

This is another one of our patio chairs.

Sweet Jessa with a snowball. She LOVES snow! :)

This is our playground slide!

This is a picture of one our plants in the front yard. There was
snow in the middle of it!

Our roof line!

I love this picture of Mommy and Jessa giving hugs!
How sweet! :)

My Snow Angel!!!! :)

Blessings To You and Your Family,


Michele said...

Great pictures Jenna! Thank you for posting them! You all got a little more than we did. Maybe it is because we are closer to the ocean.Hope you all have a great day!
Mrs. Hope

Michele said...

PS. Love the Snow Angel!

Lauren Brittany Hope said...


I love your snow angel!! We didn't have quite as much snow here, since we're closer to the ocean, but I've been enjoying what little we do have! :D Great pictures...


Bethany said...

Cool pictures! It's hard to believe....snow in Florida??? It's supposed to be warm down there! :D We have about 6-8 inches of snow up here....enough for all the sledding we're planning to do this afternoon!

God bless!

Emily Elizabeth said...

Wish I had been in town to see it! Love the pictures. Especially the one of Jessa with the snowball! So cute!

Emily :)

Shannon said...

Hi Jenna!
Snow!!! What a blessing!
Unfortunitly I was out of town suring it, but your pictures give me a glimpse of what it was like!
I really like the picture of your mom and sister, so cute!