Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Sweet Surprise!

I have the most wonderful big brother…


He is kind, compassionate, loving, and someone who I can share just about anything with…

Yesterday, being Valentine’s Day, he decided to do something very special for me and my mom. We came home to find two beautiful bouquets of roses. {I told you he was wonderful!}

One had a note that said, “To my amazing Mother!”


and the other said, “To my wonderful sister!”


Both our hearts melted, to say the least! We immediately picked up the phone {my brother was out of the house at the time}, and called him with huge smiles on our faces.

All I could think of was… “Wow, I am so blessed!”




I’m sure every one of you have experienced a moment like that…

A moment where you feel sooo thankful to God for His goodness and love…

A moment of true gratitude to the One who gave you life’s most sweetest and precious gifts!

Isn’t it wonderful just to ponder on the memories of life and the joy that God brings to us. Even the tiny things are sometimes the best… Like my brother blessing me with a bouquet of roses this Valentine’s Day.

Though it was a simple gesture of love, it meant the world to me.

Thank you, Tyler… ♥


Bonnie said...

awww, how lovely!! :) your brother is very thoughtful and kind! I bet the flowers made your day! ;) It is so nice to be blessed by such gestures isn't it :)

Miss ALK said...

That is so sweet Jenna! What a blessing. :-)

My mom left me a beautiful Valentines' day card for me on our breakfast counter when I woke up- and it made my day. Little blessings are so special!

xoxo Miss ALK

Shannon said...

How sweet of thoughtful of him! It is indeed the sweet little blessings that fill us with joy, yet all the more because of who gave it to us...


Jean Marie said...

That's so sweet of Tyler!!!

Love you, Jenna! *hugs*
~ Jean Marie

Anonymous said...

That sounds so sweet. I wish I had a kind older brother. I don't have any older brothers for that matter.

Would you like to check out my blog?

Lucia said...

Aw! That is just the sweetest! What a thoughtful brother and son. :) Beautiful!


Grace said...

Aw, how sweet!!! You are indeed, very blessed to have such a sweet brother to call your own. ;)