Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Delicious Dessert!

I don’t know about you, but I love a tasty treat… Anytime of the day!

About a week ago, Tyler and I decided that we needed a tasty treat to satisfy our sweet tooth. May I introduce to you our Friday night snack…DSC_0360

We had such a great time together… Stirring, laughing, and taste-testing {because that is very necessary!}

After spending an hour over the stove, trying out different methods of melting our chocolate, it finally reached the perfect consistency and we started dipping our strawberries. {I also dipped some bananas and pretzels, which turned out quite delicious as well!}

It’s amazing what chocolate chips, a little bit of butter, and strawberries can create! :)


What is your favorite chocolate dessert?

I am also planning on making a Molten Chocolate Cake sometime this week, so keep your eyes open for a post on that!


Kels said...

Oh goodness those look good! yum yum! My favorite chocolate dessert would have to be chocolate ice cream, because ice cream is my favorite dessert anyway. :)
have a lovely day! xxx~Kelsey

Jenna said...

Mmmm, I love ice cream as well, Kelsey! :)

*Lizzie* said...

Oh YUM!!! Those look delicious!!!!! I LOVE chocolare covered strawberries!!!
I love the bright colors in the first picture! :D Very neat!
God bless!

Rachel Grace said...

I literaly gasped when I saw your pictures. I absolutely love chocolate covered strawberries, and your fabulous pictures just made me crave them.
Two of my younger siblings, Jack and Abby, made chocolate covered strawberries last week, and they got eaten within the day. We had chocolate and white vanilla chips, so they drizzled the chocolate with white... they were so delicious!
God bless!
Rachel Grace

Eve said...

Those look really good! I myself love cherry cheesecake, but since I like to stick to healthy things, I most often end up having plain old fruit for dessert instead. ;)

eve @ essence of eve

Charis said...

oh those look good...some friends taught us that if you have strawberries make sure they are perfectly dry, melt chocolate chips in a glass measuring cup (narrow 1 or 2 cup) then dip and they turn out beautifully!

Anonymous said...

Yum! That looks so good! My favorite chocolate desert would have to be like oreo pie. My mouth is waters. ;)

Would you like to check out my blog?


Shannon said...

What a sweet treat... oh, how I am now desiring those yummy chocoalte covered strawberries! They look so delicious!


Lucia said...

Mmm, Jenna, these look delicious! Miss you, dear friend! I feel so, so, so awful about our letter-writing...high school has just been so hectic and busy for me, pen pals have been on hold. :/ I am hoping to get back on track soon, though!