Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In Awe of God’s Glory




I am still speechless, just as I was when I walked out our back door and saw this beautiful sunset… God is SO good!



Crista Moriah said...

Oh, my goodness!! These are SO beautiful, Jenna. :D

Lauren Brittany said...

I can see that you saw the same sunset that I did the other day! ;) Beautifully captured, Jenna.

Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday, by the way! I hope it was wonderful.


Rachel said...

Wow... the heavens declare the glory of God.
To think that He not only blessed us with the ultimate gift of salvation, but that He paints the sky so beautifully for us simply because He can!

Beautiful pictures of God's amazing creation. Love the last one especially.

God bless!

Grace said...

Wow! It's absolutely breath-taking! God is so good!


Lindsey Marie said...

Wow, Jenna. That is gorgeous! Thank you so much for posting them!

Miss ALK said...

What amazing photographs! Thank-you for sharing them :-) God's creation is spectacular!

xoxo miss ALK

Rachel Beth said...

So beautiful, Jenna!
God bless you.
Love in Christ

Charis said...

gorgeous! sunsets are amazing reminders of God's goodness!

Jean Marie said...

Sunsets really are one of my favorite things ever.

LOVE the shot of Jessa. that's precious.

love you!
~ Jean Marie

Shannon said...

How beautiful! The Lord's creation is indeed awe inspiring! It looks just as I saw it sinking below the western sky... so peaceful and a wonderful reminder of the greatness of our God!

In Christ,

JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

What a breathtaking sunset! The Lord's creation is so glorious, majestic and amazing!


Beth ( said...

I just saw your blog at the Homeschool Blog Awards and decided to come check you out. Your pictures are GORGEOUS!! LOVE them!

I am your first follower and would love for you to follow me back, if you want to =-)

Ana R.W. said...

Wow! These pictures are beautiful! What an amazing Creator we serve!! =)