Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day!

For God so loVed the world

                                                           That He gAve

                                                                   His OnLy



                                                                                That whosoever

                                                              Believeth In Him

                                                                 Should Not perish

                                                             But have Everlasting life

Our Savior, Jesus Christ, is the greatest valentine of all… Remember to give HIM thanks for the love He has poured upon you and your family!

♥ Many blessings from our family to yours ♥


*Lizzie* said...

Happy Valentine's Day Jenna!
I love this post! I really like how you wrote Valentine in with, for God so loved the world.
It was a great idea! :) God Bless you dear girl!

A Servant for Christ,

Crista "Moriah" said...

Beautiful! :)

Happy Valentine's Day, dear friend!


Shannon said...

May the Lord bless your Valentine's Day, sweet Jenna! I am so thankful for you, and may the Lord bless you and your sweet family.

Your Sister In Christ,

Rachel M. said...

Amen, dear sister! :)
Happy Valentine's Day!


Hannah said...

Beautiful post Jenna! So encouraging and true! God bless you girly!
Love In Christ,
Hannah :)

Miss Bea said...

That's so cool, I love your blog! =)

~Miss Bea

Don and Shelly said...

Jenna, a lovely post and great use of the word "Valentine"!

kenton said...

Hi Jenna! This brings back fond memories of when I was in Sunday School and we looked up various scriptures in our Bibles. After finding some keyword (of the appropriate length) from each verse, we would write them horizontally. At the end, we would be rewarded by discovering the secret message vertically, which usually had to do with the Bible lesson of the day. Great times! As I was meditating on Valentine’s Day this week, I realized how much God wants to be our special Valentine everyday of the year. The secret is keeping our mind and affections stayed upon Him. It really isn’t as hard as many make it out to be, once we can get a glimpse of how wonderful He is. I find it helpful to ponder on His different attributes throughout the day. As an example, I start by proclaiming “God, you are my:” righteousness, love, joy, victor, deliverer, guide, shepherd, master, redeemer, savior, helper, protector, keeper, lord, comforter,… And before long, I am abounding in faith, hope, and love just as 1 Corinthians 13:13 tells us to do, and my admiration of God, who can always do the impossible, is reaching new heights. I just feel like telling the whole world that there is “no God like our God”. Thank you Jenna, for such a creative post. I really enjoyed it.

Don and Shelly said...


We thought you might be interested to know that we recently published a post on our blog entitled, “The Journey to Biblical Femininity”. Within the body of the post is a list of blogs and authors we used to illustrate the topic. Your blog was included in that list. We also thought noting such blogs might increase your readership and followers. If you’d like to see the post for yourself, here is the link:

In Christ,

Don and Shelly

Libby said...

Hello friend! I wanted to thank you for your advice on fixing my blog title, it sure worked! Thanks again.


Jaime said...

Happy Valentines day to you too! I love the way you did the valentine/Bible verse thingy-majingy!

In HIM Alone,

{Far From Perfect} said...

I love this!! Love you :)