Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Brilliance of Our Creator

As I walked upon the beautiful ocean shores this past weekend, I found myself amazed by everything… The incredible sea life, the rippling waves, the delicate sand. It was all so beautiful and majestic. As the wind blew through my hair, and my skirt flowed freely in the salty air, I couldn’t help but think about how intricate God made each thing on earth. As He painted this life, so much love and beauty was instilled. It is impossible for man to observe creation without admiring all of its loveliness.

As I captured the following photographs, I truly saw that loveliness in our Lord’s creation!








There is no peace more wonderful than the peace we enjoy when faith shows us God in all created things.”

~ Jean-Pierre de Caussde ~


*Lizzie* said...

You are so right Jenna...
He is a majestic King of kings.
Those pictures you took captured God's beauty. They show how God makes things so beautiful.
I barely have the words to describe His loveliness.
Thank you for this beautiful post showing God's wonders.
God Bless!

A Servant for Christ,

Anna Faith said...


Lauren Brittany {A Corner Pillar} said...

These are so great, Jenna! The shot of the crab sinking into the sand is my favorite. Beautiful! :)

Quinn said...

Photography has a way of making you slow down and really see what is in front of you, doesn't it? I really appreciate that about it, because I have always struggled with fully perceiving what's around me.

Beautiful work Jenna!

Grace said...

Wow! Indeed, God's creation shows his handiwork.

Beautiful photos, dear friend! I hope that one day we might meet and I can show you our Pacific ocean, and you can show me your Atlantic!:)

Blessings, dearest!

Julianne said...

You are SO right Jenna! What beautiful pictures and what a great testimony to God who has given us the beauty you can captivate!

Your post makes me miss the sun and warm weather so much! :)



Melanie said...

Oh, how lovely, Jenna! Thank you for sharing. Our God is so amazing and His creations truly do display his power and majesty!

Lindsay said...

Wow... so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing, Jenna! <3

Anna said...

What beautiful photos! God's creation trully is amazing – what a wonderful God we serve!

And, out of interest, would you mind sharing with me what sort of camera you use – I ask because I am considering a new camera myself!

In Christ,

Shannon said...

Miss Jenna~

Lovely photos & inspiring words, as your words are always encouraging and your photos always wonderful!

Your *sister* in Christ,

Don and Shelly said...

Beautiful pics, Jenna! You are truly gifted!

Sarah said...

These photos are incredible, Jenna!! I loved seeing them! All creation does indeed praise the name of the Lord God, the Creator of all. His hand is so clearly seen in all of creation around us . . . in the beauty, the detail, the complexity, the variety. Thank you for sharing!

I had to show my parents all of these photos as well :) as they are just so beautiful . . . I love the crispness and color clarity that you have in your photos. And how close-up you can get to the birds!

Not only I, but my family was also wondering, what lens(es) do you use? I would be very curious to know! I love photographing birds, but the lens that I have just can't do the job very well as I can't get close enough with it. For my birthday, I did get a set of macro lenses so I am really looking forward to using those on insects, flowers, and other things such as the starfish in your last photo. But I would really like to have a lens sometime that can do bird photography, too!

Your photos are so inspiring to me to work more on my photography! :)

Miss Linda said...

I found your sweet blog through a comment you left on Sarah's blog "As Lilies Sewing". I truly enjoyed reading about your family and enjoying your lovely spiritual reflections and the beautiful pictures of your family and your world.

Linda Morud said...

What beautiful photos, my dear! <3 I absolutley j'adore your new header, too...HOW lovely!!


Grace said...

Hello, dear friend!
My, I love your new header! You might want to head on over to my blog!;)

Blessings, fair maiden!

Jaime said...

I awarded you at my blog:

In HIM Alone,

Margaret Wilson said...

Wow God sure made a beautiful world for us to explore! Those are very lovely pictures Jenna! I really like the one with the bubbles!

Rubies Like Ruth said...

God has definitely gifted you in photography!
Also (instead of double-posting) I love the VALENTINE acrostic! I've never seen it before.

I would love to have you visit our blog at - a blog to encourage and help single Christian ladies.

~Ana Renee

Kendra said...

Those are great pictures, Jenna! I really liked the last. God's creation is ah-mazing! :)

{Far From Perfect} said...

These are BEAUTIFUL my dear friend! <3

Theresa said...

Beautiful pictures Jenna! BTW, you won my Wonderfully Made Earrings giveaway! You should have a e-mail from me in your inbox. Please respond!

Miss RJ

Frannie Halbert said...

Jenna! This are so lovely and your words spoke to my heart! Thank you for sharing God's beauty!

Have a blessed week!