Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer With a Purpose: Week Five!


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Hello Dear Readers!
I cannot believe that it is already Saturday! Time certainly goes by quickly. I have had a wonderful week, and I hope you have as well. As you all probably know by now, I have been participating in Miss Emily's "Summer With a Purpose" challenge. I have had so much fun, and I feel as though I've accomplished a lot throughout the past five weeks of summer. If you are interested in joining Summer With a Purpose, just click HERE.
So, this week, I didn't accomplish a large amount of projects. I was still able to do quite a few things though!

1. Foster Care Ministry
One of my mother's dear friends recently started a foster care ministry. Our family decided to get involved with this wonderful project. I will explain to you what the ministry is all about...
Each month we receive donations of children's (newborn to young adult) clothing. We take one day out of each month, and open up a "store" at our church. Foster families come in that day, and the foster children are able to choose about five outfits each for free. We also have a toy table displayed, where they may choose some new toys to bring home with them.
It is so wonderful to see the children's faces light up as they walk out the church doors with full bags of clothing and toys.
July 9th was our first night opening the "store" to the foster families.
The Lord definitely blessed the evening, and made the children happy as they left the church! I feel so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful ministry. I am also earning volunteer hours as I help the ministry! I am very thankful to be apart of such a wonderful program!

2. Photography
I have been practicing my photography skills a little bit, although I am going to post the photos in a different post, which I will post (hopefully) sometime next week!

3. Bible Reading
I am working on some computer designing for my daddy right now. He and I are trying to find the perfect verse for what I am working on. I have enjoyed looking at certain topics in the Bible and studying them. The Lord teaches us so much in His Word. I am just so thankful to God for His wonderful promises.
I have also been reading a few chapters from the book of Psalms this week. Psalms is a true encouragement. I have enjoyed reading bits and pieces throughout it this week!

4. Sewing
Although I haven't completed any sewing projects this week, I am hoping to start a new project next week. I will be sure to let you know what I will be making!

I pray that you have a blessed evening, dear readers. Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and remember... If you would like to enter my 100th Post Giveaway, please click HERE.

Many Blessings To You,


Rachel Grace said...

Sweet Jenna,
I don't know if I have said this before. But I really like your new header. It's so colorful and cute!
It sounds like you have had a great week :). I really liked reading about what you are doing with the foster care ministry. What a great thing to do! When Little Jay and Mark first came into our home there was a serious shortage of clothes and things to play with for them. So when people came along side us and helped provide the things, it was a real blessing. I can most definitelly relate!
Thank you so much for your beautiful post Jenna!
Rachel Grace

Ellen said...

Sounds like you have been wonderfully busy!
The foster care minisrty is such a wonderful idea...a great way to bless others. I'm sure you enjoy that.:)
I am not a seamstress yet but an eager soon to be student..look forward to seeing your next project. ♥

Maggie said...

I can't wait to hear what the verse is for if it's an online project. :-)

I absolutly love Psalms and Proverbs, two of my very favorite books of the Bible.

I love photography and I have been taking lots of pictures lately. I LOVE photography. You will have to share some of pictures with us soon. :-)