Thursday, June 10, 2010

Too Cute!

About a week ago, Jessa and I were playing telephone. Here is how the conversation went...

"Jenna, let's play telephone."


"I will be Grandma, and you will be Jenna."


"Hello Sweetie Pie!"

I just thought that was the cutest thing coming from a three year old! She sure knows my grandma well!


Today, Jessa was on the couch trying to put me to sleep, and this is what she was singing...

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate,
All Day...

She is so silly and sweet!

I just thought I would share those two stories with you... They both gave me a good laugh, and I hope they did the same for you!

Many Blessings,


Emily Elizabeth said...

Jenna! That's so adorable! I love some of the things children say :)
Oh, and I will eventually read the adoption story in your post below, but I looked at the photos yesterday and they are precious! I can't wait to read about it :)

Blessings dear,

Lindsay said...

That's SO sweet, Jenna!!
Thank you for sharing! :-)

~ Love,

sarah said...

Lol! How cute!

Maggie said...

Aww, you have the sweetest little sister! How cute! I love the telephone conversation. :) Thanks for sharing!


Shannon said...

Jessa is so adorable, such a blessing from the Lord! Her bright and happy countinence must always be a joy in your day, and her sweet words, memories cherish....


Ms. Chyme said...

Hi! I just found your blog. And i love it.
Please check out my blog too.

Hannah said...

That is so sweet! It's funny what little kids pick up...especially when you think that they're not even listening! :-)

God bless you, sister!

Rachel Grace said...

Hello Jenna,
Oh, your little sister is so cute! I sure wish I got to have chocolate all day long!
Rachel Grace

Grace said...

Hello, dear friend!!! That is so cute!!!! Your sister is definitely the sweetest thing; I wonder where she gets her sweetness from....=)
Glad to hear you received my letter! I cannot wait for your's!
Hope you are having a joyous day filled with summer blessings.
Love and prayers from your sister in Christ,

Luci said...

Hello Jenna,

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog (Virtuous Girlhood) this past week, sweet friend! You are too kind, and I love having you “stop by!” Awww, your little sister is adorable…and your blog is so neat! What a cute conversation you had. =)

Blessings and Love in Him,

Rachel Grace said...

Hello again Jenna!
I thought that I would just comment with the answer to your question about berry preserves. To tell you the truth, I was just thinking about looking for a recipe for the same thing. We have a lot of raspberry and blackberry bushes that produce a lot of fruit and I was just thinking about finding a recipe for jam or preserves. There might be a good recipe in the Ball Blue Book of Preserving, but I haven't checked yet... You could probably get that book at your library, or through and inter library loan.
Rachel Grace

Eldarwen said...

That is so precious! :D