Saturday, June 5, 2010

Courtship Class: Week Six!

Hello Dear Friends!

We spent a wonderful time of fellowship last night at courtship class. It was our sixth class, and we plan to continue throughout the summer! I am looking forward to the future classes. I apologize that I didn't write a post on week five... It seems as though time slips away quickly! I figured that I would go ahead and move onto week six!

Last night's lesson was so wonderful, especially for the young girls who attended. We learned all about saving our hearts for the right person, who God chooses for our lives. After all, God knows what is best for us... He is the One who placed us here on earth. I feel immensely blessed to have such a wonderful Savior, who I can lean on and pray to!

Before thinking about any type of relationship, we need to give our whole heart to God. He will protect us if we do this. I will share a line from the book we are reading:

"The first important step of protection is to guide every daughter to give her whole heart to God - and to give the key of her heart to her father."

What a wonderful statement for all young ladies. Instead of making a young man our idol, we are to give our hearts to God and give the key to our father. Here is another short sentence that I liked from the book:

"Love is giving, not getting."

I love this truthful sentence. We are not to expect things from a young man because love is giving, not getting!

Another wise policy is to stay away from the practice of dating. It usually ends in damaged emotions. The temptations of our world today are so awful, but we must try to influence the world, and not let the world influence us! We must be a generation who disciples and shares the wonderful Word of God. It may be challenging, but we must at least try!
Now, I would like to talk a little bit about the secret of capturing affections. Many people either deny, repress, or fantasize...
1. The Response of Denial
This is a common response to a sudden attraction. It is simply denying the fact that you are attracted to another person. This is a natural response, but it is not how you should handle a situation when you are attracted to someone.
2. The Response of Repression
This is another wrong response... It simply means that you have an attraction, yet you try to push it out of your mind. Funny enough, when you repress these kinds of thoughts further and further, the more you actually think about the person!
3. The Response of Fantasizing
This is the third wrong response that I would like to talk about. Fantasizing is focusing attention on a person and imagining what it would be like to have an intimate relationship with him or her. This does not lead to a good ending! In the book of 2 Samuel, chapter 13, it talks about Amnon, and how he fantasized about his half-sister, named Tamar. I encourage you to read this chapter. Notice how it ends... Not so wonderful!
Instead of choosing any of these responses, we must go to God and read His Word. We need to share each of our feelings to God. He can help all of us, if we just go to Him, pray to Him, and read His Word on a daily basis. I am constantly in amazement of His Word... The Bible is filled with so much knowledge and good spiritual information for your walk with God!
I suppose I should come to an end with this post. I pray that you may now go with some encouragement in your heart, and that my words have also challenged you to trust in God. Remember, He is always with you, no matter what. He will not let you down... He loves you with all of His heart. You are His, and He will never let you go!
May the Lord bless each and every one of you. Please feel welcome to leave your thoughts in the comment box below. I always enjoy reading your thoughts.
Have a blessed Sunday, as we celebrate the Lord's Day!!
Your Sister In Christ,


Maggie said...

Great post! I really enjoyed reading it. :)


Shannon said...

Wonderful insights, Jenna!
What did I ever do to deserve God's love, to be able to rest in Him and cast ALL of my cares on Him? What deed did I do to know that if it is His will for me to marry that He has the perfect spouse for me, if I will only wait and trust in Him? Nothing. He knows my every feeling, thought, concerns, and everything about me! Why try to figure things out on my own when I can simply put my trust fully and completely in Him. *Joyful sigh*
Thankyou for sharing this wonderful reminder....


Grace said...

Oh, so true!!!!! Great post, dear friend. Looking forward to you letter. Hope you are having a lovely summer day!
Sisters in Christ,