Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Hello Dear Friends!

I would like to wish my dear Grandmother a very happy birthday! I feel so blessed to have her in my life!

My Dear Grandparents! :)

Thank you, Grandma, for always supporting me in everything I do! I have learned so much from you. You are a wonderful woman who loves the Lord with all your heart! May the Lord bless you on your special day! :)

I took some pictures last night while we celebrated my grandma's birthday.....

My brother, Tyler!

Aunt Shellie and Mama! :)

My dear Mother and Father! I love you both so much! :)


Also, I would like to share two pictures I just took about thirty minutes ago!
The squirrels were definitely out today! Here are two of my favorites pictures...

So adorable! :)

They are so expressive! :)


One more picture.....
I took this one a couple days ago. My little sister, Jessa, has recently been playing with this little toy umbrella. It is so cute to watch her run around the house shouting, "It's raining in the living room... Jenna, it's raining.... We have to get under the umbrella!"

Once "the rain stops" she puts her umbrella away and says, "It's not raining anymore! Hurray! Jenna, it's not raining anymore!"

Here is a photograph of Jessa with her umbrella! :)

A joyful little girl... With her umbrella, cup, and pajamas!

Many Blessings


Eldarwen said...

Great pictures, Jenna! :) Love the ones of the squirrels!

Happy birthday, Jenna's grandma! :)

Lindsay said...

Happy birthday to your Grandma!!
I love your pictures, Jenna. The two of the squirrels are SO cute. :) I love them. And the one of Jessa is adorable! ;)

Shannon said...

Hi Jenna!
Happy Birthday to your Grandmother! It is such a blessing to have such loving realatives....
The pictures of the squirrels are great (I bet that you are really enjoying those recently discovered lens!) Blessings to you and your family,

Michele said...

Happy Birthday to your Grandmother! Please tell her hello for me. You are doing a great job with your blog!
Mrs. Hope