Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Now therefore, Our God,
We thank You
And praise Your glorious name.”
~1 Chronicles 29:13~

As we delight in a wonderful meal, share memories and laughter with the ones we love most, and give thanks for all that we have, may we remember the One Who gave us all of those precious and wonderful things.

May you and your family have a very blessed Thanksgiving!


*Lizzie* said...

Very good post. I LOVE that verse!!! And Happy Thanksgiving to you too ;)

Jean Marie said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Jenna!!! :)

Mikailah said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Jenna!

In Christ,

Shannon said...

I do hope that you had a blessed thanksgiving!

In Christ,

Lucia Marie said...

What a lovely verse~~thank you for sharing, dear! I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving as well.


Talia said...

I found your blog through the blog Spinning Barefoot, and I just want to tell you what a lovely blog this is! It is so encouraging to see other young Christian ladies serving the LORD.
Have a blessed day!

The Princess said...

I tagged you on my blog:

His Princess,