Thursday, April 21, 2011

~Class Of 2011~

My dear brother, Tyler, will be graduating from high school next month. I am still in amazement that the time has already come for him to graduate. He has achieved so many things throughout his life thus far, and has certainly made our family very proud.

As his sister, I am so impressed by his accomplishments. Throughout the years, he has worked so diligently and gained much knowledge. Most importantly, his walk with God continues to strengthen as he has chosen to run with patience the race that is set before him, as the Lord tells us to do in Hebrews 12:1.

All in all, I feel immensely blessed to have Tyler as my brother!





Happy Graduation, Tyler! May the Lord bless you as you venture on a new journey in your life! I am so grateful for you, big brother!


Eldarwen said...

First off, congratulations to your brother! I hope he has a wonderful graduation! :)

My older sister is graduating next month as well. It makes me sad thinking about her growing up, and someday soon getting married. *sniff* I will miss her a lot! :) I have learned so much from her! I thank God so much for her! She has been such a great witness to me and a wonderful encouragement! ^_^ Older siblings truly are a blessing.

Love in Christ,

Shannon said...

Congratulations Tyler! We are all so excited for you!

Many Blessings,

Frannie Halbert said...

Thank you for sharing this exciting news! I hope he has a blessed graduation and continues growing in the Lord. That is such a blessing!

Jenna, I wanted to tell you how much of a blessing your sweet comments are. I love hearing from you! You are such a blessing!

I hope that you are well!!
Your sister in Christ, Frannie

P.S. your photos are so lovely! The just breath the wonder and glory of God. Thank you for sharing! :)

Sarah said...

This was a sweet post, Jenna! Tyler is blessed to have you has his sister. :) And congratulations to him on his graduation! What an accomplishment!

As always, you did a wonderful job with your photography here!

Rachel Beth said...

Congratulations to Tyler!
God bless

Bethany Joy said...

Congratulations, Tyler! My older sister is graduating this month also!

Blessings, Jenna!
Bethany Joy

Emily said...

Congratulations, Tyler!! What an accomplishment graduating is. When I graduated, it felt so nice to look back on the Lord's goodness and faithfulness in my life... times when I had no idea what He was doing, when all the while He had His perfect plan for me. God is so good!