Friday, August 27, 2010

An Update!

Hello Dear Friends!

I apologize for my lengthy absence from blogging! My brother and I started school on August 2nd, and ever since then, we have been quite busy.
As most of you know, my grandmother was diagnosed with acute leukemia several weeks ago. She is now in a wonderful hospital, which is approximately two hours away from our home. For seven days, she received chemo therapy treatments non stop. Tuesday was her last day of treatment. The side affects of the chemo have now come, and we are praying that the Lord will help her body recover. We talked to her through Skype yesterday, and she seems to be doing quite well... Praise the Lord!
We found out some wonderful news on Wednesday. My grandmother needs to have a bone marrow transplant, and to do the operation, she needs a donor who's bone marrow matches hers. My great uncle (my grandmother's sweet brother) had a blood test done almost two weeks ago, to see if his bone marrow would match hers.

Siblings have the highest chance of being a match for bone marrow. With that being said, there is only a 25% chance of a sibling being a match!
If the sibling doesn't match, the patient has to try and find another donor. The statistics shown on a "stranger" being a match is 1 in 100,000.

The Lord is so good... My great uncle IS A MATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are all so grateful to the Lord for His goodness. We have been praying so much lately, that God would perform a miracle in my grandmother's life!
To perform the bone marrow transplant, her cancer has to go into remission... Next week, she will be getting a bone marrow biopsy, which will tell us if the chemo therapy took her cancer away. *Praying hard that the cancer will be gone!!*
If the cancer is in remission, the doctors will complete the bone marrow transplant right away. If the cancer is not in remission, the doctors will give her more chemo therapy treatments.

God has a wonderful plan, I know that is the truth. We are trusting in Him completely! Thank you all for your prayers, and I will update you all on my grandmother after the bone marrow biopsy!

I plan on posting some recent photographs sometime this weekend!

Your Sister In Christ,


-Bess- said...

I've missed you, but totally understand! Still praying for your Grandma & hope she can fully recover.
P.S.: School Blessings =)

Miss K said...

I'm so glad your grandma found a match!

Rachel M. said...

Praise the Lord that your grandmother found a match. :)
I totally understand about school--praying your school year goes well and God bless you, dear friend and sister, and your wonderful family!

love lots,

Eden said...

I'm so happy that your great uncle is a match. Praise God! I'm praying that the chemo worked and that the cancer is gone. Thanks for updating us! Hope you have a blessed weekend. :-)

sarah said...

How wonderful! I'll keep praying for your grandmother!

Shannon said...

Oh Jenna! How glad that I am. Praise our loving Father! He bestows mercies upon us every day! The possibilities of a match, overcome by the greatness of our God, and the healing hand our our Lord upon your sweet grandmother. We are still praying daily, lifting up her in our prayers and strength for you in our prayers....


Anna Gray said...

Hi Jenna, I was stopping by to say thank you for entering/posting about my giveaway! I really do appreciate it and am so glad you are able to be a part of this. =)

Jean Marie said...

Hi Jenna.....
Ever since hearing of your grandmother, God has brought her to mind so many times .... I'm praying for her!! I am joyous to know that your uncle is a match....I will be praying that the chemo was effective in killing the cancer!
~ Jean Marie

Libby said...

Hey Jenna! You won my giveaway for the earrings. contact me if you want them.